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management system

Enviroment Mngmt System

Sunsine Chemical treats environmental protection and safety production as its ‘Life Program’ and primary task during its development. It establishes environmental awareness of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” firmly,and sets up production and management concept of resource saving, environment friendly and sustainable development.The total investment in environmental protection and safety equipment accounts up to 300 million yuan, for more than one third of the entire fixed asset expenditure, including solid waste incinerator, MVR and waste disposal project. At the same time, the fees of stable operation is as high as more than 60 million yuan.”Three wastes” problems are effective managed. It realized waste water stable and standardized discharged, residue standardized treated, and discharged gas standardized exhausted. It makes the Group’s environmental protection work in the forefront of the industry, established the environmental protection leadership in industry, formed strong environmental protection advantage under current situation ,consolidated the Group’s leading position in the industry.