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Talent Demand

The need for professional

Quality requirements

The basic treatment

Chemical engineering and technology

Excellent graduates, professional courses, physical health, quality assessment reached more than good.

A monthly salary of 2000 yuan and above, pay 5 danger according to the policy, welfare bonus with the company benefit distribution, the company provides accommodation.
Implement the economic responsibility system and technical personnel, first-line production (post salary + benefits wages).

Chemical equipment

Instrumentation and automation, industrial automation and electrical engineering and automation

Enterprise management, production management

Human resource management

The analysis of securities investment

Financial management, accounting

Engineering Management

Safety engineering

Centralized control operation of refrigeration, boiler, thermal power plant

Logistics management

International Trade

Graduates, have strong communication skills, proficient in English, familiar with electronic commerce and trade process, there is a strong professional quality, the appearance of the image better.


Chemical engineering, chemical analysis, chemical process

Postgraduate degree, excellent professional courses, physical health, quality assessment reached more than good.

Pay 5 danger according to the policy, welfare benefits payment with the company, the company provides accommodation.

Environmental engineering, environmental science

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