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Chairman Mr. Xu Chengqiu was awarded the outstanding contribution to harmonious Shandong entrepreneurs

First harmonious social responsibility of Shandong awards ceremony held in Ji'nan
Love light the world bright, responsibility casting social harmony.
In March 17th,  sponsored by the United Daily News,  the first harmonious social responsibility of Shandong awards ceremony held in Ji'nan. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Naijing, Chen Guang, the Secretary General Zhang Xinji attended the ceremony,  and for the award on behalf of the award.  The United Daily News President Wei Yuxiu read "first harmonious social responsibility  of Shandong list" and the announcement of awards to the winners. Chairman Mr. Xu Chengqiu won the "harmonious Shandong (2011) outstanding contributions of entrepreneurs"
Shandong harmonious social responsibility chart activity is in office, the provincial CPPCC Provincial Civilization Office, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce under the guidance by the United Daily News, initiated and a large-scale public welfare activities sponsored, aimed to fully show the practice of social responsibility, from all walks of life in our province to promote the building of a harmonious Shandong made outstanding achievements, and actively promote the socialist core value,  lead social custom, our province to promote the development of public welfare undertakings and the building of a harmonious Shandong. The selection was summed up in recent years the course of development of our province public welfare undertakings and achievements, commended made outstanding  contributions to the cause of public welfare enterprises and entrepreneurs.
Mr. Xu Chengqiu, chairman of Shandong sunsine Chemical Co., Ltd,  after the elected harmonious Heze ten outstanding contributions of entrepreneurs, social responsibility of Shandong list of finalists harmonic selection activities, based on the judges vote and the masses to vote on a combination of a harmonious Shandong, elected (2011) outstanding contributions of entrepreneurs.