Shandong Sunsine Chemical Co., Ltd. shows great love in the face of the epidemic!

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In the past few days, 50 tons of medicines for the elimination of the new coronavirus pneumonia virus, loaded with the love of all the cadres and employees of Shandong Sunsine Chemical, have been delivered to the Shanxian Prevention and Control Headquarters one after another. million.

On January 31, Xu Jun, vice chairman of the company, Ma Yuebin, executive deputy general manager, and Li Li, chairman of the labor union, went with the car. Member of the Standing Committee of Shanxian County Party Committee and Executive Deputy County Mayor Zhang Tixin, Director of Shanxian Emergency Management Bureau Shi Shengxu, Director of Shanxian Health Bureau Wang Lanxing, Director of Shanxian Red Cross Society Wang Zhongsheng and other leaders on behalf of Shanxian Prevention and Control Headquarters accepted Sunsun Chemical donation.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus affected the heart of Xu Chengqiu, chairman of Sunsine Chemical. As a leader of a socially responsible enterprise, he personally arranged for the company to work overtime to produce 50 tons of disinfectant that the society urgently needed. Donated to Shanxian Prevention and Control Headquarters free of charge, and at the same time took out 500,000 yuan in cash for epidemic prevention and control, reappearing Sunsine Chemical's great love for taking social responsibility.

When the country is in trouble, everyone is responsible. When the novel coronavirus was raging, Sunsine Chemicals bravely shouldered social responsibilities and made donations, which was unanimously appreciated by all sectors of society.



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