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Brief Information Form of Key Enterprises Implementing Cleaner Production Audit

Consulting agency: Shandong Boruida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Auditor: Guo Tengjiao The first round of audits: the first round

Business Name:Shandong Shengtao Chemical Co., Ltd.              Industry: C266 Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

Corporate nature:

span>“double have”


Cleaner production audit list issued Symbol: /

Business Type: Limited Liability Company                      Legal representative: Ma Yuebin


span>Heze Development Zone                          Zip Code:274000


Address:No. 3999 East Changjiang Road, Northwest of Chenji Chemical Project Cluster Area, Heze Economic Development Zone

Phone and fax

span>:15269068084               ;      Contact:Wang Jian


Main product production capacity< /span>:< u>Insoluble sulfur, design production capacity2milliont/a.

Main ingredients:Liquid sulfur, naphthenic oil.

Main process:The principle of gasification to produce insoluble sulfur is to raise the temperature of ordinary sulfur above the boiling point (500~700℃), the molecular structure of gas phase sulfur is smaller, there is no greater than S8 polymer, the sulfur vapor heated to the boiling point (500~700℃) or above is directly injected at high speed by its superheated vapor pressure. In the cooling medium (water or carbon disulfide) containing a certain stabilizer, a plastic mixture of soluble and insoluble sulfur can be obtained, which contains 50% The above insoluble sulfur insoluble in carbon disulfide. The process is generally divided into three steps: ring-opening of sulfur by heat, polymerization, "freezing" and end-capping of the polymerized sulfur.

Main production equipment:< /span>Nitrogen generator, sulfur warming tank, gasification tank, multi-function tank, carbon disulfide tank, hot water tank, Crusher etc.

year-end total employees

span>:160 people                      Total number of technicians : 32 people


Total value of corporate fixed assets : 125.28 million yuan

The total annual output value of the enterprise: 166.33 million yuan       ;           Annual total profits and taxes:49.9 million yuan

Building date:< /span>2013        ;                 Production Date:2013< /span>

Each project environmental impact assessment and completed environmental protection acceptance:< /span>Three Simultaneous” Improve

Clean Production Audit Scope:IS workshop1, IS workshop2, oil filling workshop, crushing workshop and supporting facilities.

Review of pre-production sewage:

①Exhaust gas: quenching exhaust gas, drying exhaust gas of carbon disulfide recovery system, non-condensable gas and saturated gas of mother liquor distillation system The non-condensable gas distilled from the absorption liquid is merged into the waste gas main pipe, and passes through the five-stage -20℃ cryogenic, three-stage absorption tower absorption treatment facility Discharged by 20m high exhaust after treatment(1# and 2#exhaust ). The crushed dust in the crushing workshop is dedusted by a cyclone + bag filter, and then passed by a high 15m< /span>Exhaust Discharge (3#Exhaust).

②Wastewater: wastewater from water ring vacuum pump, water seal wastewater, and intermediate tank pool wastewater after adsorption and precipitation recycle. Equipment and ground flushing water, domestic sewage, enter the sewage treatment station in the factory for treatment and discharge up to the standard. The circulating cooling sewage is discharged into the sewage pipe network of the park.

③Solid waste: waste gas absorption waste solvent oil, waste activated carbon in sedimentation tank, distillation tower distillation residue, Toxic filter cartridges, waste rags, waste packaging, and sludge from sewage treatment stations in office and living areas are entrusted to qualified units for disposal. General solid waste: domestic waste of employees, which shall be collected and disposed of regularly by the sanitation department.

Monitoring Plan:The company has formulated a routine monitoring plan, and the monitoring content mainly includes the monitoring of pollution sources of waste gas, waste water and noise; it is entrusted to a local unit with monitoring qualifications, and an agreement has been signed with a third-party testing agency.

Hazardous Waste Management:According to the requirements for standardized management of hazardous wastes, a ledger for the generation and temporary storage of hazardous wastes has been established, and the hazardous waste management plan has been filled in in a timely manner, and reported to the Environmental Protection Bureau for recordation. In accordance with the requirements for hazardous waste storage, special storage facilities have been established, and corresponding hazardous waste labels have been set up. According to the standardization requirements of hazardous waste, make hazard warning signs and hazardous waste category signs, and hang and post them on site as required. The company has signed an entrusted disposal agreement with the hazardous waste disposal manufacturer, and transferred the company's hazardous waste in strict accordance with the management method of the hazardous waste transfer form.

Summary of Cleaner Production Program Implementation Benefits:This round of cleaner production audits produced 11 cleaner production plans, including 10 no / low-cost plans, 1 of /high-cost plans, total investment6,283,800 million. After the implementation of the cleaner production plan, it is expected to achieve economic benefits of 2.171 million (in which the economic benefits from energy saving and consumption reduction 2,150,700,000, and the economic benefit from pollutant emission reduction is 2.03 million). After the implementation of the scheme, better environmental benefits can be achieved, fresh water saving 5859t/a, steam consumption saving 510t/a, saving electricity250.753millionkWh/a. Reduce carbon disulfide exhaust emissions by about 0.005t/a.

Cleaner Production Target Achievement:After the implementation of this round of cleaner production plan, the near-term goal of cleaner production set before the audit (2019 end). After review, the fresh water consumption per unit product is 1.92 t/t, and the reduction rate is 21.16%; the power consumption per unit product is 492.532 kWh/t, the reduction rate is 30.92%; Audit focus—IS workshop's unit product steam consumption is 2.575 t/t, the reduction rate is 1.71%; the hot water consumption per unit product is 2.575 t/t, reduction rate 1.71%; unit Product power consumption is 373.914 kWh/t, a reduction rate of 37.10%< /span>; the carbon disulfide exhaust emission per unit product is 0.0010 kg/t, and the reduction rate is 31.25%.



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