Shandong Sunsine Chemical Academician Workstation was established!

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On December 14, 2017, the activity of high-level talents in Heze was grandly held at Heze Peace Hotel. Five companies including Shandong Sunsine Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhu's Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in the event.

At the meeting, Sunsine Chemical signed a contract with Academician Chen Bingzhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor of Tsinghua University, and Zhu's Pharmaceutical signed a contract with Professor Wu Decheng of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main leaders of the municipal government and Academician Chen Bingzhen inaugurated the Sunsine Chemical Academician Workstation.



After the meeting, Academician Chen Bingzhen and his party came to Sunsine Chemical and held another listing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Lin Yongjing, deputy head of Shanxian County. Mr. Xu Chengqiu, chairman of the company, academician Chen Bingzhen, Xu Chunhua, honorary chairman of the China Rubber Industry Association Injection Professional Committee, and Zhang Qingguo, the county magistrate, delivered warm speeches successively. Peng Jinjian, deputy director of Heze Science and Technology Bureau , Cui Zongmin, Chief of the Policy and Regulations Section, Zhang Qingguo, Deputy Secretary of the Shanxian County Party Committee and County Head, Deng Linjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Yang Ming, Deputy Head of the County, Xu Tao, Director of the County Science and Technology Bureau, and other leading comrades attended the listing ceremony.


The establishment of the Academician Workstation of Sunsine Chemical not only fills the gap of no academician workstation in Shanxian County, but also opens a new milestone for Sunsine Chemical to achieve green development of industry-university-research cooperation, marking that the company will take a firm step in promoting independent innovation. pace. Sunsine Chemical will rely on the technical leading role of academicians and high-end experts, actively cultivate its own innovation team, gather innovative resources, and focus on the development concept of green, environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving, break through the bottleneck of key technologies, and make the enterprise stand out. Head, continue to lead the development of the rubber additives industry.


After the listing ceremony, Academician Chen Bingzhen and his party, accompanied by the main leaders of the Shanxian government and the person in charge of Sunsun Chemical, visited the company's production site and key laboratories, and at the subsequent symposium, Academician Chen Bingzhen and others made " Green Development, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection” theme report.




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